What is a Christian Education Vision Endowment?
A Christian Education Vision Endowment is a fund made of donations given with the stipulation that the principal never be spent.  The investment income allows the donations to have a much greater impact over a long period of time.  The GCS Endowment is designed to provide a continuous income stream to Genesee Christian School.  This income stream is earmarked to meet specific needs within the operations of the school.  GCS has partnered with the ministry of Eternal Vision (based in Watertown, WI) to provide an assured promise to donors that GCS will use the endowment to continue to provide Bible-based Christian education that honors the Godly heritage our school has established.

What specific needs will the GCS Endowment investment income benefit?
The endowment’s income stream is specifically targeted to impact quality in a strategic way.  The endowment is designed with clear and objective benchmarks that will improve that quality of education and make it even more affordable for our families.  A specific portion of the endowment proceeds will be used to improve teacher compensation (without raising tuition costs) and the remaining portion is designated to provide a substantial tuition assistance fund.

How do I donate a gift to the endowment?
You may give a gift of cash, stock, appreciated assets like stocks or other investments, real estate, jewelry, or anything else of value!   Cash gifts can be made payable directly to GCS or to Eternal Vision with the designation “For the CEVE of Burton, MI.”.  Gifts made in this manner will be forwarded immediately to the endowment.  The preferred method for any non-cash gifts is for you to contact Eternal Vision (EV) directly to make the arrangements or for help designating a planned gift to the endowment.  Gifts given through EV can remain anonymous, if desired, and all gifts are tax-deductible.

How could I arrange planned giving to GCS out of my estate?
Contact EV (contact information provided below) or your current attorney or financial advisor to arrange planned giving.  Eternal Vision advisors will offer a Biblical perspective of financial stewardship that includes planning to meet family and personal needs, in addition to charitable giving.

How can my gift impact the quality of the school?
Your gift to the endowment will help us secure an eternal source of funding for the school.  It will help to alleviate the tuition-dependant structure that currently exists.  Increased teacher compensation allows the school to offer a more honorable wage to those who are called by God to minister through Christian education.  GCS teachers currently make about one-third of the salary of their public school peers.  A tuition assistance fund allows responsible Christian families with proven financial need the opportunity to afford Christian education.  Each year more families will be able to take advantage of the Christian training that GCS offers.  As the endowment grows and begins to assume more of the burden of personnel expenses and provide tuition scholarships, it will allow GCS to make program enhancements and facility improvements that would be impossible right now without making tuition completely unaffordable for the families we serve.

How soon can the school see the effect of the endowment?
Investment income could be funneled back to the school within the first year if a large enough investment principal is obtained.  We also understand that building the endowment is a long-term effort, and we believe it is critical to the future security of the ministry that we plan now for future generations.

Who would be eligible for student assistance that accumulates as a result of the endowment?
Any family that demonstrates financial need is eligible.  Applicants must supply the school with detailed financial information that will be reviewed by the Tuition Assistance Fund Committee to determine disbursement of funds.

What happens if there is a down year in the market?
A savings reserve will be established early in the endowment to supplement during down years in the market.  This will allow for a steady stream of investment income in subsequent years.

What happens to the principal if GCS drifts from its promise?
The GCS Endowment is legally named the “Christian Education Vision Endowment of Burton, Michigan” and it is maintained by Eternal Vision as a third-party.  The endowment document details the promise set by GCS to maintain its current philosophy, practice and Statement of Faith.  School administration must reaffirm this promise each year to reap the benefits of the endowment.  If GCS cannot reaffirm the promise, the endowment funds will begin to support the nearest Christian school that is true to the original promise that the endowment gifts were entrusted.

Why has GCS chosen to partner with Eternal Vision?
After a great deal of research and prayer, the GCS Board and administration selected Eternal Vision because of their Biblical foundation and professional methods.  Eternal Vision is a Christ-centered non-profit ministry organization of like faith and practice as GCS.  They employ and partner with professionals who have valuable investing experience as well as a Christian philosophy and world-view.   

Who handles the investment?
Once EV receives a gift, their board of directors selects the appropriate professional investment advisors to manage the investment.  EV works with the investment advisors to implement the proper investment strategy to secure and maximize the earning potential of the endowment principal.  The endowments are carefully invested according to the legal requirements applicable to endowment funds, and with Biblical standards in mind.  Annual disbursements of investment income along with regular reports on the status of the endowment are given to GCS.

Does EV charge the school for their services?
Now that the endowment has been established, all future expenses are paid by the endowment itself with no cost or fee charged to GCS.  Eternal Vision is a non-profit ministry organization.

Is GCS financially stable?
GCS currently operates a balanced budget funded primarily through student tuition.  Fundraising, church support, and personal gifting generates limited income.  GCS owns both the elementary and high school buildings and is solvent.  Over 80% of the budget is used for faculty and staff compensation.  The tuition-dependent budgetary structure of GCS hinges on maintaining an adequate student enrollment.  Increased enrollment alone cannot generate a budgetary surplus since more teachers are needed to maintain low student-to-teacher ratios.  In an effort to keep tuition affordable, sources of non-tuition income are needed to break free from this tuition-dependent model.

What if I want to make a donation to the school directly, not to the endowment?
Genesee Christian School is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible and can be designated for a specific need within the school. Contact the GCS Administration Office at 810-743-3108, or send a check to: Genesee Christian School, 1223 S. Belsay Road, Burton, MI, 48509, Attn: Finance Director.

To receive additional information about the Vision Endowment benefiting GCS, please contact the school.
With other questions about Eternal Vision, the GCS Christian Education Vision Endowment, or to give a gift, please contact Eternal Vision at 920-261-6700 or www.eternalvision.org.